wood fired stove with water boiler

Zozen Boiler owns “ Organic heat carrier boiler flue gas exhaust heat utilization device”, “Flange welding robot system”, “Vertical electric steam boiler cabinet” etc. more than 20 independent intellectual property rights, having a leading manufacturing technology of industrial boiler in China, and we are one of the enterprises with the reserch and development ability for industrial boiler, and at the same time, we are the main manufacturing base for industrial boiler of China.

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After comparing some boiler companies, we decide to purchase ZOZEN products. Delivery, installation, operation and so on every detail, ZOZEN is doing very well.

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    You would never get enough heat off a wood stove to make a dent in radiant In Europe there are some space heaters that are designed to be partly boilers, Also, wood fired DHW systems should never be in rental housing, in our opinion.

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